Welcome to the first edition of The Unpack™, a new platform designed to jumpstart conversations by unpacking the latest issues, trends and changes that brand and packaging professionals are facing every day. The Unpack subjects and participants will share a common thread– we all recognize and appreciate how the tangible and intangible value of brands and how the packaging that we see and touch is the physical expression of the brand. 

As we kick off The Unpack amidst the Covid pandemic and issues of race and inequality, we realize it’s hard to initiate any type of conversation amid the daily clamor. At ByQuest, we will strive to do our best, and we pray for equality, justice, and fairness for all in our sisterhood and brotherhood. 

Upcoming issues of The Unpack will present an eclectic mix of topics facing brand and packaging professionals. Will we all have the same opinion? Probably not, but the nice thing about our business is that trends and tastes change and invite dialog. Sometimes, The Unpack will focus on high-impact current events. Other times, we’ll focus on new packaging technologies, company updates or market opportunities. We’ll also do some “show and tell” about brands that we think got it right.

We are so grateful for the relationships, both commercial and personal, that we’ve built over the past 20 years. Today, we work with an exceptionally broad range of participants in the Spirits, Wine, Beverage, Specialty Foods and Personal Care industries. Some are among the top global brands, while others are small artisan and craft makers that are just starting their journey towards fame and fortune. Throughout every part of the Brand Package Realization™ process, we find ourselves collaborating on ideas and concepts to create impactful visual identities. At ByQuest, we believe that building a specialty package that truly connects the brand to its user requires a never-ending commitment to rethink, innovate and create. This is one of the ways in which we fulfill our promise to help brands stand out.   

We hope you’ll enjoy this series and participate by joining the conversation. The Unpack is a free space where we can come together to debate ideas, celebrate success stories and discuss the new rules and intricacies challenging independent brands and the overall alcohol beverage industry. 

Let us know if you agree, or challenge us as we cover a wide range of different topics. 

Let’s start a conversation.