Historically, unique bottle solutions have only been a focus in the distilled spirits side of our business. Many wineries have chosen to use the more traditional and established wine bottle, due in part to the lack of alternatives within the wine space. This leaves the label as the only differentiating factor between brands, which means there’s no overt visual cue for the consumer that the wine is distinctly unique from others on the market. This is why we are so excited to announce the arrival of the Wildly Crafted® bottles specifically designed for Craft Wine.

The timing could not be better as the wine space is only continuing to increase in competition, with new brands continuing to come out every year. Efforts around biodiversity, natural wines, and sustainable wines have continued to gain traction in this new decade. Consumers have been gravitating to these smaller production and unique offerings, and their share of both mind and market continues to increase. At ByQuest we view this as a fundamental change within the market, not just a temporary trend. The consumer focus on understanding that their purchases have been crafted with the utmost care, is a permanent shift in purchasing habits.

While we’ve seen advancements in the wine itself, the packaging for both traditional and craft wine has stayed unchanged throughout this entire process. Our belief is that similar to what we’ve seen with craft spirits, this portion of the wine market and wines aspiring to reach these consumers, will benefit from having a unique packaging solution to express their brand statement. Each bottle design, see below, offers distinctive and striking presence seen in all of the Wildly Crafted bottles.

We’re excited to share these new and innovative package solutions with you. Between the style, texture, and sustainable production methods, these are purposefully crafted bottles to pair with your hand-crafted signature wines. These packaging solutions are a creative outlet for a section of our industry that is long overdue to have more tailored and stylized bottles to truly represent their brand statement. For your current wines or your next project, reach out to the ByQuest team and let’s connect to see how we can support your vision and your craft wine. We look forward to hearing from you soon, and as always, keep unpacking.